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Purulia Pumped Storage Project (PPSP)(225MW x 4 =900MW), Bagmundi, Purulia

The main objective of PPSP is to meet peak load demand of the system and utilize excess available power of the system during off peak time, hence to flatten the load demand curve.

The main structures involved in the project are two Rockfill dams (Upper and Lower Dam) with central clay core for upper and lower reservoirs with a live storage of 13 million cum each, twin water conductor, an underground power house (157 m long, 22.5 m width, 48.7 m height) to accommodate four reversible pump turbines (vertical Francis, rated head 177m, maximum power discharge : 150 cum/sec) of 225 MW each, an underground transformer (280MVA of Four nos. 16.5kv/400kv) cavern (119 m long, 17 m width, 17 m height), an access tunnel to power house and 400 KV gas insulated substation linked through a cable tunnel. Two 400 KV double circuit transmission lines connecting Durgapur Sub-station and Arambagh Sub-station with the project has been developed to transmit and receive power.

PPSP has four type operation mode; Generation, Pumping, Synchronous Condenser and Line Charging (upto 400kV Bus) mode. Generation voltage is 16.5kV.

The cumulative project expenditure (Plan Scheme) including IDC upto 31.03.2016 is Rs 2475.86 Cr out of which Rs 2272.41Cr is from JICA funding and Rs 126.231Cr is the State share.

Success Story of Purulia Pumped Storage Project (PPSP)

  • PPSP is the first 900MW pumped storage project in India running successfully.

  • Main Project work started in the year of May 2002 and scheduled completion date was 31.12.2007. Actual Project completed on 17.12.2007 i.e. before scheduled time.

  • PPSP Project cost also reduced. Expected Project Completion Cost is Rs. 2500 Crores against Revised Project Cost - Rs 2952 Crores.

  • PPSP has overall Plant Efficiency is 77.80% which is higher than Design value 74%.

  • Total Generation achieved from commissioning to 30.08.2016 is 8101.21 Million Unit

  • Last year Generation achieved (01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016) – 1055.0016 Million Unit which is lower than the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) target – 1200 Million Unit